Hawaii 501 Pixel (Steel Tip)

$ 70.00

Brand: Target Darts

90% Tungsten Barrels

Barrel Length - 2"
Barrel Diameter - 15/64"


Dart legend and TV pundit Wayne Mardle is a large personality within darts and a proud member of Team Target.

The Wayne Mardle Hawaii 501 dart is the dart endorsed by Wayne Mardle and reflects the partnership of a darting legend and the manufacturer of the world’s finest darts.

This 90% Tungsten barrel features Target's unique Pixel Grip technology combined with a traditional radial grip. Wayne’s first Target dart introduces Prism technology, Target's newest titanium nitride coating, delivering enhanced grip and a dazzling finish.

Each dart comes complete with Target Pro Grip Shafts, Target Vision Flights and Target's Lifetime Barrel Guarantee.