Pixel Titanium Shaft Black

$ 25.60

Brand: Target Darts

This latest technology in Target Shaft Technology features a Titanium version of the Grip Style shaft utilizing Targets unique Pixel grip to offer a new grip zone for players. Adding Pixel grip to the shafts gives added reassurance and new options to holding your darts.

The Pixel Shafts are coated in a coloured Titanium Nitride giving both protection and style!

The Pixel Titanium Shaft grips the flight tighter as the top in screwed in; the design also allows the aluminium tops to be replaced quickly and conveniently if you need to change flights mid game.

Available in Short, Intermediate and Medium.

Short - 1 1/4" without threads
Intermediate - 1 1/2" without threads
Medium - 1 3/4" without threads